2012 September notes

September 29, 2012

Stream team notes

  • The team surveyed the meadow that used to be overtaken by bamboo. We did a lot of removal of this invasive plant there in May 2012 and were pleased to see that the clearing remained. We are hoping to restore it to the meadow. Native plants are already coming back there.
  • The team was pleased to note healthy growth of milkweed (monarch butterflies food source)
  • We are noticing plenty of shelter  in the area (good for wildlife)
  • Gusts of water are rushing through form the storm drain – that might be upsetting the ecosystem of the stream
  • The team notices that mowing of the grass is being done too close to the stream
  • There are a number of new trees in the stream bed – that is very concerning for our team, because we are losing big beautiful trees to the bank erosion
  • We visited our mascot: Bob the Sycamore. The tree must be over 300 years old! We would love to preserve it. The two trees opposite Bob are lost: the trunks are in the water. Also, the tree trunk that was in the water catching the trash (preventing it from going further downstream) is gone, Perhaps fast waters moved it downstream.
  • The bottom of the creek is clear


Quote of the month

“It looks clean from the distance, but once you get closer and start cleaning you see why you effort is needed to restore the environment”

                                          -A parent of a student volunteer