April 25 2015 Notes

April 25, 2015

Stream team notes


  • We noticed suds on water (possibly, it is from the fertilizer)
  • More erosion observed off the banks
  • The spring has arrived to our site – we saw islands of Virginia bluebells. However, these natives are less than 5% of ground coverage. Nonnative Ranunculus ficaria (Lesser Celandine, Fig Buttercup) forms a thick carpet around the stream and all through the area we patrol. Lesser Celandine, forming a dense mat, prevents the beautiful Virginia bluebells’ growth on our site.
  • Garlic mustard did not return to the area where we were pulling it for three years now. We expanded our “garlic mustard free zone” further up the Winding Creek
  • Stream is moving a lot of sediment , which was visible on our walk
  • We saw deer and raccoon tracks
  • Red shouldered hawk
  • Water chews away at the bottom of the bank
  • Trees keep falling into the stream
  • Water is very fast and rough – semi-rapids are visible
  • Suds/fertilizer can cause lots of algae (might be pollen, road chemicals, etc)


Quote of the month

“We are winning the garlic mustard pulling competition!”