2014 March 16 Notes

March 16, 2014

Stream team notes


  • The trees we planted in November were monitored – all seem to be surviving winter very well!
  • One tree damaged by the beaver has been cut, another has died and its trunk split (potentially in one of the storms this winter?)
  • The nets placed against beavers were monitored and all remained in place, no further damage to the trees was noted.
  • The dick pair was spotted again
  • Overall, there is a lot of work for us this spring: to the left of the main bridge, there is large accumulation of the trash. The usual places that act as strainers”, have filled up with bottles. One is right before Bob the Sycamore. The other place is where the stream takes the turn. We may need to bring floatation support. Definitely wear stream boots and bring trash pickers and nets, if you have them.
  • No water quality monitoring was performed today due to temperatures.
  • Bamboo shootings will need to be worked on – they are coming back in some places
  • We found what looked like a set up trap on the tree branch: the soda can with a hook connected to it, hanging down. We had no idea what this structure was, but it looked dangerous for wildlife, so we took it down.


Quote of the month

“I do not understand – the trash cans, provided by the County, are right there. Why do people not use them? How hard is it to carry your trash to the can?”

                                   Parent volunteer


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