2014 December 13 Notes

 December 13, 2014

Stream team notes


  • The bamboo have invaded our forest.
  • The stream water level has risen and it made our stream dirty. Some suds are floating in the river
  • A red oak is waiting for the spring to make leaves from its buds
  • The island on the stream has grown even bigger.
  • The current seems to be fast.
  • Some moss is growing in some areas. Some ferns are taking cover under the logs.
  • Beaver are taking shelter here (we see signs)
  • Trees keep falling into the stream.
  • A lot of holes are in the trees.
  • Bob the Sycamore bark is starting to crack and a small portion at the bottom is broken off
  • There is a male and female mallard ducks swimming in this area.
  • A huge pile of plastic bottles got strained in the brush pile natural barrier across the stream
  • We noted some soapy foaming on parts of the stream stretch we monitor


Quote of the month

“If the erosion continues, the holes could become beaver’s home ”

                                   Parent volunteer