2013 March notes

March 09, 2013

Stream team notes

  • We could hardly see the      bottom of the stream today. Surface has a lot of bubbles.
  • Clover is blooming on site.
  • We observed blue heron: we      think the bird was feeding , as it stayed close to the water and on the      second return we think we spotted some food in the bird’s beak as it was      flying away.
  • Right side of the bank      remains very eroded.
  • There was some dead      branches, perhaps park maintenance was getting ready to take them away. We      saw a lot of mushroom growth and lichen on the branches.
  • We spotted the signs of      the beaver den and beaver tracks.
  • Unfortunately, the tires,      this time bicycle tires, made its way into the stream again. We will take      them out on the next cleanup.
  • Chinese silvergrass is an      invasive and we will take it out next time when we are doing the invasives      removal.
  • Wineberry bushes can be      removed as well.



Results from the monitoring


Quote of the month

“We saw blue heron at our site!”

–        A team leader volunteer