2012 October notes

October 29, 2012

Stream team notes

  • What we saw: wollybear caterpillar, redshouldered hawk, chipmunk, duck, fox, two squirrels turtle, black walnuts.
  • Sites of beaver gnawing on trees, bark was cleaned off and typical hour glass shape
  • In our monitoring of the stream health, we encountered crayfish (taxa II), fly fish eggs (taxa III), #7 snail (taxa III)
  • It was great to see people from the neighborhood to come and thank our Stream Team for their clean up work.
  • It was also wonderful to share that working day with two volunteers who live in the neighborhood – thank you so much for joining us!


Quote of the month

“The wildlife is returning to this stream, our many months of effort are paying off!”

                                          -A  student volunteer