2012 December Notes

December 1, 2012 cleanup notes

Rock Creek/ Winding Creek site

We saw negative effects of Sandy. The trash amounts surged on our site.

Last month we were pleased to observe how much cleaner the site appeared.

This month the site looked like three years ago when we started.

Big Bob the Sycamore survived hurricane Sandy, little Bob is not doing so well.

Two tires were spotted near the Big Bob.

A lot of plastic bags appear near the bridge and a lot of bubbles noticed on the water.

On the walk on the wooded stream bank, we noticed a lot of mushrooms, white and green. They are eaten by some animal (deer?).

Bank erosion is getting worse.

A lot of plastic bags hanging off the tree branches.

The native tree we planted is surviving the winter nicely.

Another beaver evidence on site: tree stump with characteristic teeth pattern.

The level of water in the creek was higher than usual (our hypothesis is that this is storm Sandy effect).

We were greeted by the park police; our volunteers were praised for their diligence by the officers.

We also reported the suspicious bubbling and coloring of stains in the flat water part of the stream to the park police. They proceeded to make the call to the water quality group.

The stain looked like they could be concentration of oil or some other dumped hazardous material.


Measured pH: 6, 7 in another site

Measured dO: 10

It is normal to observe less dissolved oxygen (dO) in the water in the winter.

Temp: 40 F


No living organisms were found. Soap and oil levels in the water are substantially higher than any previous times. Storm Sandy activity?


Quote of the day:

“Natural disasters like storm Sandy stir the environment and move dump pollution in sensitive areas, like our Rock Creek”.