March 21 2015 Notes

March 21, 2015

Stream team notes


  • Found violets and raccoon footprints
  • The stream water level is high. The water is murky and cloudy
  • Riverbed vegetation is suffocating
  • Stream is taking dirt on one side and dumping in on another
  • Banks are very steep – when more of the bank collapses it will take more trees down
  • New island is developing
  • Water chews away at the bottom of the bank
  • Trees keep falling into the stream.
  • Water is very fast and rough – semi-rapids are visible
  • Suds/fertilizer can cause lots of algae (might be pollen, road chemicals, etc)
  • We notice a lot of moss and low lying plants
  • A huge pile of plastic bottles got only partially taken out of the stream in January and the rest is now washed down stream
  • Snow drop bulb, it is one of the first bloomers
  • Small clusters of snowcrops
  • Whitetail deer (we saw it running in the woods)

Quote of the month

“We have one sturdy bank and one steep, collapsing bank in our stream ”

                                   Parent volunteer